Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Aprons from NeedlesandPens Blog

Here are the aprons posted to the now defunct needlesandpens.wordpress.com blog.

Form and Function

This is such a practical design. The overlay is divided into three sections. This makes up the pockets. It might look a little blue in the photo, but it's actually purple. I was shooting in the middle of the day.

This apron is made from purple denim and a nice cotton print. It's an economical design as well. It would take about a yard if you were to make it in just one fabric. I used bias tape for accent but you could get away with hemming the edges.

If you're having an apron attack, check out the give away over at the apronista blog. You can get your choice from Rick Rack Attack, but the contest ends today.


Flouncy Apron

Another 1955 model! Kindly modeled by my neighbor. The top is denim and the rest is a print. You can't see it, but there is a small ruffle around the print skirt. Yes, those are yo-yo's on the pockets.

Another one from the Progressive Farmer pattern.

I made this one for my mother. It looks just like something she'd pick out for herself.


Two Pocket Retro Look

This was a nice one to make. It was quick, but it sure looks retro. It's very similar to one of my mother's patterns from the 50's. You can find this pattern online at:


You can either enlarge the image until it's the right size or use a grid to make a new pattern. I had to enlarge about 500%. You can use MS Paint to print it out. Keep in mind that there will be no registration marks and it's a lot like putting a puzzle together.

1955 Model

Here it is. The pattern is one of my mother's. I even took out some of the width or the thing would have been about 70 inches gathered up to about 25 inches. And lots and lots of bias tape. The pockets are under the peaks and button to keep them from gapping.

A cute design - it looks like the 50's - doesn't it?

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